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Waterproofing systems have played their part in civilisations for thousands of years, one of the first known instances of waterproofing techniques was believed to have existed over thirteen thousand years ago,  waterproofing methods have been discovered in Ancient Egyptian structures and the Egyptians even used bitumen mixed with resins in their mummification processes.  During the medieval times a method involving lime was used to waterproof castles, and moats were coated with lead and bitumen glue like materials.  The strive to protect our beloved structures is deep rooted into our civilisations and with the recent advancement of global technologies, waterproofing methods are at their most technical and progressive stage and always evolving to become better, with a waterproofing solution now available to solve every problem we can throw at it.

Waterproofing FAQ's

Water ponding, pooling sydney

What is the best Waterproofing Membrane?

Unfortunately this is one of those "how long is a piece of string" type questions, to put it simply there is no membrane that is best for everything but there is a membrane that is best suited for your project, different membrane types posses different characteristics such as strength, flexibility, root resistance, UV stability, application environmental factors, structure type compatibility plus much more, which is why it is critical to consult a professional when designing a system and deciding on the type of membrane that would be best suited for your project.

How much does waterproofing membrane cost?

A number of things can affect the cost of a project, these variables can include: does an old system need to be ripped up and disposed of? What kind of preparation to the substrate needs to be undertaken? What is the best and most suitable materials for my project? What does my structure require? What is the size of my project? What is my budget?

Our industry expertise allows us to work with our clients to enable us to advise the best waterproofing solutions to suit both restricted budgets and projects that require the highest quality materials and specialist installations.

Is it time to give us a call?

If you have a leaky roof or notice the problems listed above don't hesitate to give us a call, some newer systems may be salvageable if you act fast. Most problems are avoidable or at least greatly delayed with maintenance plans (ask us about our 5 or 10 year plans) , and proper designed and professionally installed systems which take your structure and membrane type into great consideration.

How long does Waterproofing Membrane last?

Similar to the last question this answer varies, and will depend on a number of environmental factors and the level of workmanship. A professional waterproofer will make sure that the three critical parts of your system which are the most common to fail; terminations, penetrations and outlets are installed to Australian standards using proper techniques and manufacturers recommendations to ensure a long lasting system. Ensuring regular inspection and maintenance to exposed systems such as roofs (ask us about our maintenance plans) will ensure your system lasts way past a warranty expiration.

At WetStop Waterproofing we offer industry leading warranties to internal areas for at least 10 years, and external areas for at least 15 years, enabling our clients to have term term peace of mind. We will also advise you on how to maintain your system and we offer 5 to 10 year maintenance plans on all of our installed systems.

Water ponding, pooling sydney
Water ponding, pooling sydney

Why is waterproofing important?

A number of things can affect the cost of a project, these variables

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