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Although flat roofs come with many advantages over pitched roofs (being easier to access for maintenance, the ability to be converted into a green roof or living area, easy to repair and durable, space can be used for air con and other utilities), they also come with their own set of problems, some of which can be magnified with bad workmanship during installation and a poor attention to detail, others that arise over time when your system weathers and naturally deteriorates.

In this article we will be going over some of the common signs that indicate your system may need replacing before any water can get into your building and further damage your structure.

Key signs that your roof membrane needs replacing

Water ponding, pooling sydney
water ponding sydney

Water Ponding

Water Ponding / Pooling

The problem of water "ponding" or "pooling" arises when there is no substantial fall in a substrate or inadequate drainage thus not allowing water to escape. This in turn causes water to pool or pond on top of the installed membrane, hence the term water ponding.

Large and prolonged pools of water (generally sitting for longer then 48 hours after rainfall) can cause a magnitude of problems in your system, some of the more frequent scenarios seen regularly by our team are deterioration caused to the membrane by the sitting water, increase in mosquitoes due to stagnant water,  vegetation growth which potentially can penetrate the system and sagging structures caused by larger and heavier pools of water.

If left untreated a bad case of water pooling can substantially shorten the life of your system and even cause structural damage,

but fear not, a good qualified waterproofer can easily identify structural causes of water pooling and address the issue using techniques with screeds and material build ups thus eliminating any chance of water pooling in your system!

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Rips/Tears/Damaged seams

flashing repair sydney
flashing repair sydney


Flashings / Terminations

Flashings and terminations are essentially the protection to the "end" or "termination" of your membrane and act as a shield preventing the elements entering your system via rain, wind and other extreme weathers.

Over time flashings can deteriorate, tear and become unsealed, if not addressed the damage tends to progress due to the elements working their way into your system seal and making matters worse.

Problems with flashings can be exacerbated due to poor decision making in the selection of your system termination by unqualified and inexperienced waterproofers, particularly in sheet membranes, a termination done incorrectly or impractically can wipe years off of your systems life span.

If you see this type of damage in your old system its probably time to give us a call!

Deteriorated Flashings/terminations

Is it time to give us a call?

If you have a leaky roof or notice the problems listed above don't hesitate to give us a call, some newer systems may be salvageable if you act fast. Most problems are avoidable or at least greatly delayed with maintenance plans (ask us about our 5 or 10 year plans) , and proper designed and professionally installed systems which take your structure and membrane type into great consideration.

Rips / Tears and damaged seams

Over time a waterproofing membrane naturally weathers and deteriorates, depending on the type of membrane and the environment that the system resides in, the deterioration can take many forms and occur over different periods of time.

Sheet membranes may rip or tear due to damage caused by traffic or even sometimes due to fauna and flora, structural movement due to natural occurrences and thermal expansion could also cause damage to sheet membranes sometimes damaging seams and junctions.

Liquid membranes are more prone to cracks appearing in the substrate years after application and can also be easily damaged by traffic and nature, similarly to sheet membranes they can also be damaged by structural movement.

Most issues can be avoided by ensuring your waterproofing system is professionally designed and installed by a professional licensed waterproofer and movement joints and membrane types are factored into the design. Routine inspections, cleaning and maintenance of your system are also important factors in insuring your membrane remains watertight way past its warranty.

Damaged membrane years after a previous warranty has expired is a sure indicator that you may need a new waterproofing system on your roof.

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